Wildflowers of Michigan Nature Association (MNA) Sanctuaries

This is the Sierra Club SEMG program for Thursday, June 1, 2017. The meeting starts at 6:30 pm at the Elks Lodge, 2401 E. 4th St., Royal Oak, MI (at the corner of 4th St. & SB I-75 Service Drive, South of 11 Mile Rd.).

The purpose of the Michigan Nature Association is to acquire, protect and maintain natural areas that contain examples of Michigan endangered and threatened flora, fauna, and other components of the natural environment, including habitat for fish, wildlife and plants of the state of Michigan and to carry on a program of natural history study and conservation education. They started six decades ago as a small bird study group. Today, they have a statewide network of more than 170 nature sanctuaries across Michigan. Continue reading “Wildflowers of Michigan Nature Association (MNA) Sanctuaries”


Metroparks Update April 1, 2017

Metroparks Update April 1, 2017
1.    Natural Resource and Master Planning Meetings
2.    Manager of Natural Resources and Other Staff Resignations
3.    Your opportunity to comment

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Metroparks Commission Vacancy

The term of the current Metroparks Macomb Commissioner, Anthony Marocco, expires April 30. A new commissioner would be appointed by Mark Hackel, the Macomb County Executive. It is particularly important at this time that the Metroparks board adds a leader who could strongly support the Metroparks three missions of recreation, education, and STEWARDSHIP. Metroparks Director George Phifer reports to the Metroparks Board of Commissioners and is most responsive to any of their individual/group requests. Comments from individuals are more often not acted upon unless supported by a BOC member.

Commissioners have direct oversight of the Director, and can influence best practices, particularly with regular, consistent, and constructive input. This is an opportunity to provide input on the selection of a commissioner for Macomb who may have long-term impact on the operations of the Metroparks. Continue reading “Metroparks Commission Vacancy”