Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Garrett Dempsey ( Is the chair of the Inspiring Connections Outdoors Committee. This group is dedicated to creating opportunities for kids who live in the city to experience nature outside the city – camping, hiking kayaking, and the like.

By introducing participants to the transformative power of nature, ICO serves a key function within the Sierra Club and supports John Muir’s assertion that people who experience wilderness firsthand are much more likely to preserve it for future generations.


ICO volunteers believe that the wilderness exists as a resource for all people and all people should have access to it. Soon after Inner City Outings participants are introduced to the Sierra Club and the values of its members, they discover for themselves the beauty of the wild places we reasure and how to enjoy these areas without harming them.

We provide leadership and furnish the equipment needed to conduct safe wilderness experiences. Most outings are free.

For information on how you can support or participate in the Detroit ICO program, contact: