Executive Committee

The regular SEMG Executive Committee meeting is held at 6:30 pm on the 4th Thursday, monthly. For email notice & agenda, ask the 2016 Chair Art Myatt – almyatt@yahoo.com. The location is the Beyond Coal office, Suite C, 2550 Hilton, Ferndale, MI. Check the SEMG Calendar for changes or cancellations.

2016 Excom members are:

Tom Dusky (term runs through 2017)
Jean Gramlich (term runs through 2016)
Gerald Hasspacher (term runs through 2016)
Vince Lee (term runs through 2017)
Ed McArdle (term runs through 2016)
Pat McKenna (term runs through 2017)
Art Myatt (term runs through 2016)
Dave Richards (term runs through 2017)

There is currently one vacancy. If you are (or know of) a Sierra Club member living in the area who would like to contribute by serving on the SEMG ExCom, please contact us.