Blue Water

The Southeast Michigan Group is designated for Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and St. Clair Counties in Michigan. The Sierra Club has over 5000 members in this area, which is home to something over 40% of the population of Michigan.

Port Huron, the population center for St. Clair County, is about 60 miles from Detroit. The actual distance could be a bit more or a bit less, if you are going to or coming from a particular point in Detroit. It would be noticeably un-green to expect members from the Port Huron area regularly to travel to the Detroit area for a public meeting. Occasionally, one does, but it would be an absurdly long commute.

The logical solution is also to have meetings in the Port Huron area, and that’s just what the Blue Water Group does. It’s a committee of SEMG. The committee chair is Marty Habalewsky (

The name of the group comes from Port Huron’s Blue Water Bridge. It’s fitting because beople living in the area are naturally more aware of both the beauties of Lake Huron and the threats to that environment from the chemical plants in Sarnia, Canada; from the nuclear reactors and proposed nuclear waste dump at Kincardine, Canada; and from other events that are simultaneously local and international.