Beyond Coal

While this project is listed under “Committees,” it’s actually not an SEMG committee. All regular committees are staffed by local volunteers – people who are retired or have other ways of making a living and who also are sufficiently stirred up by environmental issues that they are willing to work on them without pay.

There are a lot of volunteers who support the Beyond Coal project, too. However, the Sierra Club recognizes that coal burning is such a problem for the entire country that there are paid staff working on it. We have some of these organizing in the southeast MichiganĀ area:

The Beyond Coal Campaign is working around stopping dangerous sulfur dioxide emissions in Detroit and achieving environmental justice for local communities. They are looking for community members (i.e. business owners, faith leaders, health professionals, young people, labor union members, etc.) who can lend perspective to the pollution problem. Beyond Coal is collecting letters to the Environmental Protection Agency from these people. If you are somebody who can speak up on this issue, they would like to hear from you. You do not need to live in a particular area to be helpful. Please contact for more information.