Nuke Notes for December

Written by Vic Macks; posted by Art Myatt
The Downside to Nuclear Medicine: 6,000 gallons of high level radionuclides in nitric acid liquid solution——“waste” left from the production of radionuclides for nuclear medicine——could be on the road soon from Chalk River Ontario to Savanna River Site (SRS), SC. 
Never been done before. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has, in the past, considered it unsafe. DOE has not done an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), an assessment, as required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). An EIS opens this up to other governmental departments and to the public for comment and input that becomes public record and must be considered.

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Radioactive Lessons Learned

by Art Myatt, SEMG Chair and Alliance to Halt Fermi 3 board member.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently published their proposed drinking water “Protective Action Guide (PAG) for Radiological Incidents.”
The purpose, according to them. is “to guide planning and decision-making efforts by local and state officials” in response to “a large-scale emergency.” They further say this would apply for “any radiation incident, such as spills of radioactive material, the detonation of a radiological dispersion device (RDD) or “dirty bomb,” or an accident at a nuclear power plant.”

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The Nuclear Solution

There is no reason to call nuclear power “the solution” for climate change. It makes no more sense than calling amputation “the solution” for a broken arm.

The nuclear solution to climate change is similar to Sherlock Holmes’ 7% solution.  It might be temporarily effective, with terrible consequences down the road.

The point of working against climate change is to preserve the environment (which is our life support system) instead of degrading it as climate change will do. When the nuclear power industry promotes the view that nuclear power is “the solution” to climate change, that misses entirely the point of working against climate change. Continue reading “The Nuclear Solution”