Sierra Club Endorsed Candidates

Sierra Club is, and always will be a non-partisan grass-roots organization. That means our endorsements start from the bottom up. Our local group here in South East Michigan makes recommendations to the State Chapter which then move on to the National Organization.  In making endorsement decisions we consider each candidates’ environmental record and platform, our history with and knowledge of the candidate and the candidate’s prospects of making positive impact on the environment of our State.

Tom Turner, Co-Chair, Sierra Club SE Michigan Group Political Committee

List of Endorsed Candidates as of August 1, 2016:

 Hillary Clinton
US Congress
 HD 7: Gretchen Driskell
 HD 9: Sander Levin
 HD 12: Debbie Dingell
 HD 13: John Conyers
 HD 14: Brenda Lawrence

Michigan House

 HD 2: Carla Tinsley-Smith

 HD 4: Rose Mary Robinson

 HD 5: Fred Durhal

 HD 6: Stephanie Chang

 HD 10: Leslie Love

 HD 12: Erika Geiss

 HD 18: Kevin Hertel

 HD 21: Kristy Pagan

 HD 22: John Chirkun

 HD 24: Dana Camphous-Peterson

 HD 25: Henry Yanez

 HD 26: Jim Ellison

 HD 27: Robert Wittenberg

 HD 31: William Sowerby

 HD 35: Jeremy Moss

 HD 37: Christine Greig

 HD 39: Mchael Stack

 HD 40 Nicole Bedi

 HD 41: Martin Howrylak

Oakland County

 Oakland Water Resources: Jim Nash

 Commissioner, D 4: Phil Reid

 Commissioner, D 9: Colleen Crossey

 Commissioner, D 10: David Bowman

 Commissioner, D 12: Charles Gaba

 Commissioner, D 13: Marcia Gershenson

 Commissioner, D 16: Charles Salgat

 Commissioner, D 18: Helaine Zack

 Commissioner, D 19: Dave Woodward

Wayne County

 Commissioner, D 1: Tim Killeen

 Commissioner, D 3: Martha Scott

 Commissioner, D 4:  Ilona Varga

 Commissioner, D 9: Patrick Crandell

 Commissioner, D 12: Glenn Anderson

 Commissioner, D 15: Patricia Hartig
After the August 2 Primary Election, Sierra Club may endorse additional candidates. if that happens, this list will be updated.

Author: Art Myatt

Retired engineer and environmentally aware activist with Green Party of Michigan, Sierra Club and Alliance to Halt Fermi 3.

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