Just How Bad is MDEQ?

… recent and ongoing failures of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to do anything like protect the quality of Michigan’s environment.


Many of us do not regularly (or ever) read newspapers for local news. It’s too often a waste of our time and worse, often fills us with misinformation. And yet, there are exceptions. This longish front-page story in the March 27 Detroit Free Press is one of them.

Starting with Flint, it details a series of additional recent and ongoing failures of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to do anything like protect the quality of Michigan’s environment. Unfortunately, the conclusion of the article is little better than, “Things have to change. Michigan deserves better leadership.” It’s roughly equivalent to what Governor Snyder’s task force recommended: “… a proactive, comprehensive cultural change program within MDEQ … to refocus the department on its primary mission to protect human health and the environment.” Continue reading “Just How Bad is MDEQ?”

Hilton Los Cabos SEMG Fundraiser

The money from the winning bid goes straight into the SEMG treasury. We’ll use it to support our informational meetings, tabling at public events and printing handout materials.

Sierra Club Southeast Michigan Group (SEMG) has been given the gift of one week (Saturday April 23 – Sat. April 30, 2016; that’s during Easter break) in a one-bedroom time share suite in the Hilton Cabo Mexico Resort Hotel. The location is close to the very southern tip of Baja California. The condo is in the actual Hilton Hotel. It comes with maid service twice per day and a full kitchen. Occupants of the time share get access to all the ameneties of the resort – golf course, pool, spa, etc. And air travel to the area, while not included, is still reasonably priced. Continue reading “Hilton Los Cabos SEMG Fundraiser”

Mi DEQ Fails, EPA Steps In

“This is good news for people who live in the shadow of industrial pollution in Detroit and downriver,” said Regina Strong, Michigan Director of the Beyond Coal Campaign for the Sierra Club.


March 11th, 2016

Media Contact: Ricky Junquera, Ricky.Junquera@sierraclub.org, 617-599-7048

Official Notice from EPA

Release Online

Michigan DEQ Fails to Protect Clean Air, Now the EPA is Stepping In

Detroit, MI — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today that the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) failed to submit plans to reduce sulfur dioxide air pollution in Wayne County, which violates federal clean air standards.The EPA can now begin drafting federal plans to protect communities in the state exposed to dangerously high levels of the pollutant. Continue reading “Mi DEQ Fails, EPA Steps In”

The Nuclear Solution

There is no reason to call nuclear power “the solution” for climate change. It makes no more sense than calling amputation “the solution” for a broken arm.

The nuclear solution to climate change is similar to Sherlock Holmes’ 7% solution.  It might be temporarily effective, with terrible consequences down the road.

The point of working against climate change is to preserve the environment (which is our life support system) instead of degrading it as climate change will do. When the nuclear power industry promotes the view that nuclear power is “the solution” to climate change, that misses entirely the point of working against climate change. Continue reading “The Nuclear Solution”